OTK Brake Bleeding

First make sure that both master cylinder pistons are fully returned as far as the retaining circlips.
Fit the bleed tower but leave the tap on the tower closed.
Fill the bottle with dot 5 fluid.
Remove the reservoir cap on the cylinder you are connected to.
use a rag to soak out all of the fluid in the reservoir
Now open the tap and allow the reservoir to self fill until 1/3 full only then close the tap.
(if the reservoir does not fill when the tower tap is open the piston is not fully returned and the cylinder will need cleaning and checking)
Now re fit the cap & seal with the reservoir only 1/3 full.
Now open the bleed nipple on the caliper.
Next open the tower cap and allow the fluid to flow until clear of bubbles then close bleed nipple.
Close the tower tap and remove.
Re fit the cylinder plug ensuring the rubber seal is in good condition.
Repeat the the process for the other cylinder and you are done.
Just check that when your brake is set up the two push rods on the balance bar are totally free of the master cylinder pistons. any pressure from these rods on the pistons will cause brakes to drag when hot.
Another cause of brake drag and eventual overheat is having the fluid reservoirs more than 1/3 full.
When correctly bled the pedal should be firm and the balance bar should be square and even when under pedal pressure.

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